Building computer configurations

Personal computers - assembly and construction of computers according to their purpose and the specific needs of the client.

Computer systems for the needs of small, medium or large business

Computer systems in this category can be built according to:

  • Purpose - computer configurations are built according to the specified requirements of the software to be installed
  • The client's desire for "visual" layout of an office, production room or building
  • Office layouts with the idea to be stylish and small in size, mounted on the back of the monitor (standard "VESA mount"), while at the same time being fully capable of meeting the requirements of the installed software
  • A combination of the above factors

Gaming PCs (Creative RIGs) - custom assembled powerful low, mid and high end PCs according to individual needs and budget size

  • Low profile gaming computers (Creative RIGs - Low profile) - budget-oriented computers with entry level Intel / AMD processors, up to 8GB RAM memory, SSD disk for system partition, hard disk (HDD) for data storage and low-end video card, covering the requirements of low-end games
  • Mid-range gaming computers (Creative RIGs - Gaming) - equipped with a mid-range Intel / AMD processor, up to 16GB of RAM, a combination of 2 SSD PCIe x3 / x4 and HDD for data storage, NVIDIA / AMD mid-range video card, covering the "recommend" requirements of most games and the ability to play comfortably at 1080p resolution.
  • High-performance gaming computers (Creative RIGs - High Performance) - rigs equipped with high-end motherboards and high-end Intel / AMD processor, high-frequency RAM memory and a minimum capacity of 16GB, in most cases even 32GB or 64GB, High Class Video Card (example: Nvidia RTX2080, AMD Radeon 5700XT). One, two or more m.2 SSD PCIe x3 / x4 drives. Large volume of hard disks (HDD) for data storage. In most cases, these rigs are equipped with water cooling of the AIO type processor, or custom water cooling of the processor and video card. The water cooling in this case is configured entirely according to the customer's needs for the processor unit, video card / video card unit, tank, pump, radiators, fans, fittings and last but not least the type of pipes (hard or soft tubing).